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Team Finland visit to Mexico, September 25th - 29th, 2017

Description of the event:
Mexico is the 12th largest economy of the world. Travel to Mexico with Mr. Markku Keinänen, Under-Secretary of State for External Economic Relations, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and discover the business opportunities Mexico has to offer.

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Why should your company go to Mexico?

Mexico is one of the main foreign direct investment (FDI) destinations in the Americas and Mexico forms part of OECD, G20 (group of 20 major economies) and G5 (5 largest emerging economies).

Compared to other emerging economies, Mexico is amongst the most open and well-functioning. Mexico is a strategic partner with the EU. Mexico and the EU are currently in the process of modernizing their global agreement in order for it to gather even better for the current needs of the ever more active commercial relations. Mexico has a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union as a part of the global agreement between Mexico and the EU. In addition to that, Mexico has Free Trade Agreements with over 50 countries or regions and more than 90% of Mexico’s trade is under free trade agreements.

More than 35 subsidiaries of Finnish companies and over 70 companies have a representative in Mexico. Interest towards the Mexican market has increased steadily. Program of the visit is focused on:
• waste to energy
• renewables energies
• environmental technologies and
due to the large investment projects in these sectors and their potential to Finnish companies.
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