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Cao Bang in Vietnam, rich in natural resources, reaches out for development

In June 2013 the Embassy of Finland in Hanoi arranged a business seminar in Northern Vietnam, Cao Bang, in order to promote business contacts between the two countries. Cao Bang is situated approximately 300 kilometers North from Hanoi (by road) close to the Chinese border. Approximately 50 companies, who were interested in finding a business partner in Finland, took part in the meeting. Finnpartnership told about the business opportunities in Finland and presented its Matchmaking service.

The speeches of the seminar strongly reflected the present transitional stage of the economic life of the area. The local companies and entrepreneurship play a key role in moving towards viable economy from development aid and development projects driven economy. The basic conditions for the growth exist.

The internationalization of local companies is still in early stages. For a Finnish company considering cooperation, this offers a challenge but also numerous opportunities. The area has lots of natural resources, for example forest and iron ore, and relatively functional infrastructure but little business skills and knowledge of languages. Both Finnpartnership and the Embassy of Finland in Hanoi offer their help in contacting the local companies.

In this first Business Partnership Seminar, companies in the following sectors were looking for partners from Finland: a waste handling company, a sugar production plant, a water/waste water company (which was especially interested in Finnish pumps), association of young entrepreneurs and iron production plant, which was looking for partner to develop further its steel production. A Finnish company can apply for Business Partnership Support from Finnpartnership in order to investigate long term business opportunities in Cao Bang, to pilot technology and solutions and/or to train local staff.

The contact information of the Vietnamese companies at the Cao Bang seminar is also available through Finnpartnership: birgit.nevala[at]

Published 02.07.2013